Historically the vestry is charged with assisting the clergy is overseeing the temporal affairs of the parish. Today, in addition to those responsibilities, the vestry is charged with being leaders in carrying out the mission and ministry of the parish.

The vestry consists of a senior warden, selected by the rector, a junior warden, elected from among the vestry, and seven additional members of the parish. Each year at our annual parish meeting, three new vestry members are elected to serve a three-year term.

The vestry is the elected leadership of the church and welcomes your questions and comments. Listed below, along with their area of church governance, are the nine members of the parish who serve as your 2019 Vestry and our treasurer:

Mildred Braxley, Senior Warden
Ted Zarkowsky, Junior Warden
Johnny Grant, Clerk of the Vestry
Pam Garrett, Parish Life
Mary Lou Houser, Parish Life
Emily Youngblood, Outreach
Inez Hawkins, Parish Care
Casey Geist, Christian Formation
Brad Fowler, Communications
Linda Zarkowski, Treasure